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Главная » Книги » Биографии, мемуары » A Life of Picasso: 1907-1917 v. 2
A Life of Picasso: 1907-1917 v. 2

A Life of Picasso: 1907-1917 v. 2
Код товара 128105

Наличие на складе Нет, поставка в течение 7 дней
Издатель Pimlico
Автор John Richardson
Год выхода 2009
в корзину
639 00
Описание A Life of Picasso: 1907-1917 v. 2
John Richardson draws on the same combination of lively writing, critical astuteness, exhaustive research, and personal experience which made a bestseller out of the first volume and vividly recreates the artist's life and work during the crucial decade of 1907-17 - a period during which Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque invented Cubism and to that extent engendered modernism. Richardson has had unique access to untapped sources and unpublished material. By harnessing biography to art history, he has managed to crack the code of cubism more successfully than any of his predecessors. And by bringing a fresh light to bear on the artist's often too sensationalised private life, he has succeeded in coming up with a totally new view of this paradoxical man of his paradoxical work. Never before has Picasso's prodigious technique, his incisive vision and not least his sardonic humour been analysed with such clarity

Язык Английский
Количество страниц 512
Переплёт Мягкий

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